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Free medical travel booking services for knee, hip, shoulder and spine surgery patients. Save time and money and let us organise everything!

Are you in Australia or New Zealand and looking for better, faster or more affordable options for your spinal or orthopaedic healthcare?

We organise for our patients to travel to destinations such as Germany & Thailand for joint replacement surgery and repair.

We take care of everything from your first enquiry and medical assessment through to your recovery back home.

Rest assured you're in experienced hands every step of the way!

"Germany is our choice for world-leading spinal specialists in motion-preserving spine technology, surgery and rehabilitation."

orthopaedic surgery

Orthopaedic Surgery

For patients with debilitating joint osteoarthritis, orthopaedic surgery (i.e. joint replacement and reconstruction) remains the gold standard medical option once patients reach their 50s, 60s and 70s. Thanks to SkyGen, orthopaedic surgery is often 70% less expensive than prices in Australia and there are no wait lists.

spinal surgery

Spinal Surgery

Spinal osteoarthritis is a major cause of debilitating back pain. Traditional "spinal fusion" surgery reduces pain but also restricts spinal flexibility, often leading to further injury. SkyGen offers advanced motion-preserving disc replacement and facet implant surgery performed by German Spine Specialists.

stem cell joint repair

Non-surgical Treatments

Many patients suffer from arthitic joint pain without yet requiring joint replacement surgery. Stem cell joint repair effectively repairs mild cartilage damage and is often a more appropriate treatment option for patients with early osteoarthritic symptoms.

"Thailand is the medical tourism capital of the world
and our preferred location for orthopaedic surgery and stem cell repair."

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