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Who is SkyGen?

SkyGen was established in Australia because its founders believe that all Australians and New Zealanders deserve immediate, affordable and exceptional quality orthopaedic surgery – regardless of their local public healthcare system capacities.

Countless patients in need of orthopaedic surgery find themselves stuck on public waiting lists, uninsured or uncovered by their health insurer. In this world connected by affordable air travel and organisations willing to help you, you’re now just a short flight away from world-renowned specialist surgeons who have the time and capacity to help you in large private JCI-accredited hospitals overseas!

“Traveling for surgery is so much easier than it sounds. SkyGen takes all the guesswork away – they saved me money and time at every step, even with flights and accommodation!”

SkyGen is an Australian-owned and operated medical tourism facilitator with profoundly-established hospital networks, extending to international leaders in orthopaedic surgery, spinal surgery and non-surgical joint repair.

In association with Australia’s Number One Medical Booking Agent CosMediTour, SkyGen facilitates your medical travel journey by consulting with the best medical specialists at the best international clinics and hospitals on your behalf. At SkyGen, we do the running around for you and provide comprehensive stem cell joint repair and orthopaedic surgery packages tailored to your every need, including flights, transfers, hotels and more…

Why Choose Skygen

Stem Cell Joint Repair

Many patients with arthritis-related joint pain are either to young too or are simply reluctant to consider orthopaedic surgery. Stem cell joint repair is the most advanced non-surgical alternative to joint replacement surgery and effectively repairs cartilage damage using the patient’s own cells.

Real Patients

Orthopaedic Surgery

For patients with advanced-stage osteoarthritis, orthpaedic surgery (joint replacement or reconstruction) remains the gold standard medical option once patients reach their 50s, 60s and 70s. At SkyGen, orthopaedic surgery is often 70% less expensive than prices in Australia and there are no wait lists.

Becoming Patient

Spinal Surgery

Spinal osteoarthritis is a major cause of debilitating back pain. Traditional “spinal fusion” surgery reduces pain but also restricts spinal flexibility, often leading to further injury. SkyGen offers advanced motion-preserving disc replacement and facet implant surgery performed by German Spine Specialists.