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Choosing the Best Orthopaedic Surgery in Thailand

Finding the best options for your knee or hip replacement is tough, especially in another country. We help take out the guesswork with this short list of things to be mindful of when comparing surgeries in Thailand.

There are 3 important parts to choosing the best orthopaedic surgery in Thailand:

1. Choosing the Right Hospital

There are so many hospitals to choose from overseas. The best way to sort the small from the large is by looking for their accreditations.

The best available accreditation for hospitals in Thailand are the Joint Commission International (JCI) stamp.

Other factors which may influence the quality or reliability of a hospital overseas are a little more difficult to uncover, unless you’re a medical travel agent.

Things like University/College affiliations, hospital history and statistics and bed number/speciality department availability are important determinants of hospital quality.

Sometimes the best thing to do is just ask someone who has had surgery overseas about their opinion of the hospital: cleanliness, staffing, professionalism etc.

Of course, you can always call a medical travel agency like Skygen, World Orthopaedic or CosMediTour and ask them about their preferred hospitals overseas.

2. Choosing the Right Surgeon

Picking the right surgeon can be tricky. Not all surgeons are equal in terms of their training, experience, speciality and demeanour.

Ideally, your surgeon will have trained around the world and have documented expertise in your surgery. Some surgeons are quite actively engaged in research and are also more likely to be up-to-date with the most “cutting edge” techniques. Although most orthopaedic surgeons are very similarly educated and trained around the world, there is something to be said for surgeons with fellowships at Ivy League and other highly reputable Universities.

Most importantly, your surgeon needs to be someone you trust, can speak with and feel confident in. If you’re used to orthopaedic surgeons treating you like another number, you’ll love the completely foreign experience of Thai orthopaedic surgeons who go above and beyond to make sure you’re informed, comfortable and in control of your healthcare decisions.

3. Choosing the Right Medical Travel Agency

There are a lot of medical travel agencies to choose from to help coordinate your medical travel plan. SkyGen is Australia’s largest orthopaedic medical travel company with its most recent dedicated Orthopaedic Travel service World Orthopaedic now taking excellent care of SkyGen’s patients and patients from all around the World.

For more information about knee replacement surgery overseas, visit World