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Here at the SkyGen Info Centre, our editors, journalists, scientists and patients share informative press releases, educational articles and personal testimonials related to both spinal and orthopaedic pain; and the medical solutions available through SkyGen and its partnered medical providers.

Knee and Hip Stem Cell Treatment Experience: Patient Testimonial

In February 2015, a lovely Australian woman named Kerry contacted SkyGen from NSW, looking for more information about the options available to her for the treatment of her painful...

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Understanding your Diagnosis: The anatomy of knee pain

In a typical consultation with an orthopaedic specialist, volumes of medical information can spill across the doctor’s desk and into the patient’s lap in as little as fifteen minutes....

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Knee Stem Cell Treatment Experience : Patient Testimonial

Kevin and Jennifer contacted SkyGen from the green pastures of New Zealand in search for alternatives to bilateral knee replacement surgery. At the spritely age of 60, Kevin had...

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WARNING: Not all Stem Cell Treatments are Equal

Not all stem cells treatments are equal SkyGen

Here’s what you need to know… Every step of the stem cell collection process affects the quality of the stem cell product and the treatment outcome for patients The...

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What to Expect as a Stem Cell Patient

What can I expect?

Here’s what you need to know… Between now and your departure, SkyGen will liaise with you closely, answer your questions, have your case assessed by medical specialists, discuss your...

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Choosing between Stem Cells and Surgery for Joints

Stem cells vs surgery signpost

Here’s what you need to know… It’s normal for patients to consider conservative joint treatments (i.e. physiotherapy, chiropractic, pain medications etc.) before considering stem cells or surgery. Simply obtaining a medical scan of...

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Are Stem Cell Treatments Safe?


Here’s what you need to know… Adipose-derived stem cell treatments are one of the most widely used stem cell treatments in the world Stem cell treatments of joints have...

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Bilateral Total Knee Replacement in Thailand

Bilateral Knee Replacement in Thailand

Michael is a 62 year old patient from Western Australia. He contacted SkyGen presenting with osteoarthritis in both knees. He underwent his bilateral Total Knee Replacement surgery at Bangpakok...

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Hip Replacement Surgery: From Australia to Thailand

Thailand hip replacement surgery - Brisbane patient

Maria is a 66 year old patient from Brisbane, Australia. Her local doctor, a general practitioner, recommended that she contact SkyGen after another of his patients had reported great...

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Avoiding Knee Replacement Surgery with Stem Cells: Real Patient Story

The decision to pursue any kind of medical treatment abroad is never easy. We provide our patients with as much helpful information as possible, but the truth is that...

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SkyGen Impresses at 2014 Neurology Seminars

From Left: Dr Bruce Whittingham, Dr Kampol Poophawatanakij, Jake Lemon, Daniel Donner, Dr Thein Htut, Dr Adam Smith, Dr Jakrin Bunchongkit and Dr Sorayouth Chumnanvej

This year’s CAAQLD Annual General Meeting held in Brisbane on October 4th was the honourable host to SkyGen’s partnered international clinical specialists as they provided an informative update on...

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Avoiding Knee Surgery with Stem Cell Knee Repair: Patient Testimonial

My name is Deborah Watters and this is my story. The plastic coated package sticks out from under my bed, those shocking words “Stryker” just visible on the cover...

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“High Risk” Perth Patient has Successful Hip Replacement in Thailand

High Risk Thailand Hip Replacement Patient

Lee contacted SkyGen in July 2014. Her husband, Ra, had been recommended for a Total Hip Replacement in Perth. They joined Australia’s largest private health insurance company ...

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Your Medical Travel Journey (Part 1): The 3 Benefits of International Medical Travel

The concept of travelling for medical treatment dates back thousands of years. While Greek pilgrims would travel from all over the Mediterranean to reach the small territory of the...

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Embryonic Vs. Autologous Stem Cell Therapy: What’s the difference?

Human Stem Cells

It’s time we compare the tissues used in stem cell research and stem cell therapy. With the majority of the modern media covering the ‘hot’ ethical and legal issues...

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Causes of Joint Pain: Sports Injury

Athletic involvement at any stage of life is essential for maintaining optimal physical and mental function, mood and energy levels, and overall health. Alas, the risk of sport related...

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Causes of Joint Pain: Bursitis

Our joints take a lot of abuse in the form of weight, friction, awkward twisting, and outright injury. Lubrication reduces the damage some of those can cause, particularly friction,...

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Causes of Joint Pain: Infectious Disease

Infectious disease and arthritic pain have a dynamic and complex relationship. There are many infectious diseases that can result in inflammation and pain in the joints, or the muscles...

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Are Stem Cell Treatments Proven to Repair Joints?

Here’s what you need to know… Adipose (fat) derived stem cell injections repair cartilage and bone defects (osteoarthritis) Adipose derived stem cell treatments improve joint mobility and reduce joint...

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Causes of Joint Pain: Septic Arthritis

Septic arthritis is an unpleasant title for an unpleasant condition. Septic, or infectious arthritis is a form of arthritis that is caused by an infectious agent. This agent is...

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