Stem Cell Knee Treatment Versus Knee Replacement

Avoiding Knee Replacement Surgery with Stem Cells: Real Patient Story

The decision to pursue any kind of medical treatment abroad is never easy. We provide our patients with as much helpful information as possible, but the truth is that most are very interested in results and experiences from past patients. They want to see real world examples of both orthopaedic surgery or stem cell patients from Australia and New Zealand. We listened, and this saw the creation of the “Real Patients” page on our website, where we aim to showcase as many insightful stories as possible. Coordinating patients to record and send high definition video files is sometimes challenging for a range of reasons, so when we do get access to video testimonials, you will always be first to know.

Case Study – Stem Cell Treatment On Knee

On 21st and 22nd of November, both Daniel Donner (SkyGen Medical Director) and myself flew to Melbourne for Australia’s first annual Medical Tourism Summit, where both government and private industry representatives gathered to discuss the future of both inbound and outbound medical tourism in Australia. This trip also gave us the opportunity to catch up and spend some time with past SkyGen patients from Melbourne. Meet Mr. Peter Schneider. He and his wife contacted SkyGen in June 2014. He is quite active in his profession as a courier and had been advised after multiple arthroscopic surgeries that a knee replacement was his next option. Being only 53 years of age, he wasn’t ready for this and wanted to look into alternatives. We worked closely with him, collecting all of his medical imagery reports on both knees and had them evaluated by our independent orthopaedic specialists at IntelliHealth Plus in Bangkok. We were able to present Peter with a 10-Day treatment plan for both of his knees, aimed at giving him the best possible chance at being pain-free and active on his knees without serious joint surgery. Australia now hosts over 40+ clinics which offer autologous stem cell treatments for patients with joint conditions. Some of these have been operating for over three years, and some of them are brand new. Some of them were built especially for these types of treatments, and some are converted GP clinics. Some employ orthopaedic surgeons and other specialists for your treatment, some do not.

Lots Of Factors To Consider

Confused patients are having to consider all of these factors (and more) before delving into the methods used by plastic surgeons (sometimes even GP’s or cosmetic surgeons) in collecting their stem cells, followed by the procurement process in preparing those cells for injection, and supportive therapies (if any) after cell administration. Quite naturally, like most Australians in Peter’s case, he was very confused. We liaised closely with Peter while he had multiple consultations with Australian providers of stem cell treatments, mostly based in his home city of Melbourne. He asked a lot of very good medical science questions of our orthopaedic surgeons and cell biologists at IntelliHealth Plus (our clinic in Bangkok), and then again of SkyGen and our facilitation of medical travel for Australians. After two months of discussing his options, Peter and  his wife decided to pursue one of our 10-Day comprehensive joint treatment plans at our partnered clinic in Bangkok. His whole experience, including 10 days of medical treatment on both knee joints, luxury accommodation, flights and transfers cost him just over $12,000 Australian. It’s true that this is more expensive than pursuing treatment locally, but it’s important to understand that our patients don’t choose SkyGen and its clinics to save money. They travel with to Intellihealth Plus in the for the unmatched expertise, the superior standard of medical treatment and for the confidence only afforded by the clinic’s global reputation.

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You will see that from Peter’s own words, both he and his wife believe they made the right choice for his knees. It was a pleasure to catch up with them for breakfast while we were in town, and this is a true representation of many of the close relationships that we and our consultants build with previously frustrated Australians in their pursuit of modern medical treatments abroad. Note: Peter has generously made himself available to talk with any SkyGen patients wanting to pursue stem cell treatments. If you are interested, please contact us directly at or 1300 759 436 (SKY GEN) and we will be able to put you in touch with him.


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THE BIG QUESTION – Why would anyone consider travelling to Bangkok for stem cell therapies when they are available here? We have a very good understanding of the regenerative medicine landscape within Australia, and that’s why we’re so supportive of our experienced stem cell partners in Bangkok. Having been involved in outbound medical travel for over 5 years now, all of the framework was in place to organise and care for Australians seeking treatment abroad, and when we toured the IntelliHealth Plus Regenerative Medicine clinic in mid 2013, we knew we had to make it accessible to patients from Australia and New Zealand. The doctors and physicians have over a decade of experience administering stem cell therapies. The modern facilities, experienced doctors, multidisciplinary approach to treatment (Eg. neurosurgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, plastic surgeons, attending physicians, cell biologists and physical therapists all coming together to discuss your case when required), patented cell processing technology and wonderful bedside manner made IntelliHealth Plus the perfect choice for SkyGen and its patients.  This partnership has allowed us to uniquely offer our spinal and orthopaedic patients both surgical and non-surgical treatment options. The fact that one of the investing groups behind IntelliHealth Plus is also the second largest funder of stem cell research in Thailand, second only to the government, is testament to their commitment in pursuing and delivering the most advanced cellular therapies available anywhere. It’s one thing to talk about the quality of the clinic, it’s another to see it for yourself.
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*Please read: Although the information provided on this page may describe a particular patient experience and/or outcome, readers must understand that each patient presents with a unique medical history and may be recommended a different treatment/surgery by their surgeon to that described above. Individual results may vary between surgery centre/hospital, surgeon, surgery type and patient. Although SkyGen agrees to share all updates from patients at their request, SkyGen does not endorse any physical activities attempted by patients following surgery which do not follow the explicit instructions provided by their surgeon. SkyGen encourages all patients to discuss the risks of such activities with medical professionals before attempting these themselves.

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