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Is TOPS Total Lumbar Facet Replacement also superior to spine fusion?

The short answer is YES. The TOPS Total Lumbar Facet Replacement system is a new and exciting development for patients wanting to avoid restrictive lumbar spine surgery. This new implant is built by Premiaspine, an Isreali medical technology company, and underwent clinical trials in 2006, which were completed by 2011. Our senior neurosurgeons Dr. Bernd Illerhaus & Dr. Thomas Bierstedt in Germany are reference surgeons for this procedure and we now have new patients travelling for this new technology every month.

In which circumstances is the TOPS System suitable?

– Spinal Stenosis
– Spondylolisthesis (vertebral slippage)
– Severe facet joint damage
– Patient had previous laminectomy (entire lamina removed)
– Patient unsuitable for anterior approach lumbar surgeries

Premiaspine CEO Ron Sacher explains more (Video Below)

The TOPS implant can restore healthy height and movement to the spine, alleviating pain and nerve compression and provide the chance for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Although most of our Skygen patients enquire with us due to our surgeons experience and track record with Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR) with the latest generation M6 Implant by Spinal Kinetics, the M6 disc isn’t the best implant for every case. If a patient has vertebral slippage or cannot have surgery via the abdominal approach due to scarring from previous surgeries, then TOPS Total Facet Replacement may be the better solution. Our surgeons will recommend the best solution for each unique case.

At Skygen we have many instances where patients in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa have contacted us after already experiencing cases of ‘adjacent segment disease’ from a previous spinal fusion. As TOPS isn’t available in these countries, they are interested in the skills of our expert surgeons in Germany to help them avoid another spinal fusion. Our surgeons will evaluate their case to insert this TOPS System above or below the previous spinal fusion to restore functionality and best mitigate the change for the ‘adjacent segment disease’ transferring further up the spine and requiring future surgeries.

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Please contact Skygen directly to discuss your case and one of our expert spine surgery patient facilitators will be happy to answer all of your questions regarding these overseas surgeries.

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