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SkyGen has collaborated with Stem Cells 21, a group demonstrating its commitment to cellular medicine having contributed decades of collective stem cell research and clinical application in developing spinal & orthopaedic treatment plans for their patients. SkyGen’s exclusive collaboration with Stem Cell 21’s flagship medical facility in Bangkok now connects every Australian & New Zealander to world-leading treatment options.

“SkyGen’s affiliated specialists at Stem Cells 21 have treated degenerative conditions in over 1700 people in the last decade”

Intellihealth Plus (Stem Cells 21’s flagship centre) is a full-service modern medical centre with over 45 specialist staff. The facilities are split across two levels in the Urbis Building, Ploenchit (central Bangkok). This purpose-built clinic includes two operating theatres, two VIP treatment suites, cell processing laboratory, seven consultation and treatment rooms, compounding pharmacy, cryogenic storage (dry), two nurse stations with wet and dry sterilisation units, a family sitting room, and two impressive and comfortable reception areas.

Here, SkyGen patients are treated and cared for by many of the 45 dedicated medical and clinical nursing staff (as required). Members of the Intellihealth Plus Medical Team include: the Medical Director, Plastic Surgeons, Attending Physicians (MD), Orthopaedic Surgeons, Neurosurgeons, Cell Biologist, Dermatologists, Anti-Aging Specialists, Physical Therapists as well as Operating Room Nurses and Attending Registered Nurses. International Patient Coordinators and 24 hr nursing is also available to our Australian patients staying less than 100 metres away at one of the luxury Aetas Hotels.

Level 7

Located on Level 7 of the iconic Urbis Building, every facet of the Stem Cells 21 Clinic has been designed to accommodate SkyGen’s clientele. After arriving at Bangkok International Airport, each and every SkyGen Client is welcomed by a representative before being transported via luxury transfer to their AETAS accommodation (available to all packages). Both the AETAS Bangkok and AETAS Residence properties are conveniently located less than 100m from the Stem Cells 21 Clinic. Here, clients can relax and prepare for their initial consultation with their specialist doctor.

Level 2

Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Treatment

Intellihealth Plus does not practice a one size fits all approach to healthcare. While newly established ‘stem cell clinics’ in Australia have only a single Doctor attempting to perform the roles of many different specialists, SkyGen patients can rest assured that their treatment is provided by as many as five different collaborating specialists during their stay, depending on the nature of their condition. Every step in each patient’s treatment is performed by a medical physician with specialist college registration in that field. Due to their large collaborations with national governments, these facilities are unlike anything our patients have come across in Australia. The multidisciplinary team treating SkyGen’s Australia & New Zealand patients includes (subject to change):

Dr. Thein Htut – Medical Director
Dr. Harry Bhatia – Orthopaedic Surgeon (Peripheral Joints, Spine & Neck)
Dr. Sorayouth Chumnanvej – Neurosurgeon (Spine & Neck)
Dr. Jakrin Bunchongkit – Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon (Mini-Lipo)
Dr. Napapat Thanakritdejawong (Dr. Art) – Attending Physician
Dr. Kampol Poophawatanakij (Dr. Kampol) – Post Treatment Care Physician

World-leading Technology & Therapies

In order to provide the very best medical treatments to patients from around the world, the medical teams at Intellihealth Plus have access to the very best technology available for treating SkyGen’s spinal & orthopaedic patients.

The following treatments available at Intellihealth Plus:

– Purified Cord Stem Cells (MSC or CD34+) (Mesenchymal progenitor cells purified via Immunomagnetic sorting)
– Autologous Adipose-derived Stem Cells (Tissues collected by a Plastic Surgeon, separated using patented automated ultrasonic ‘closed-system’ cavitation)
– Weber Medical Laser (Intradermal/Intraarticular/Intraveinous Applications) & OxyVen Therapy
– Electronic tissue engraftment stimulation
– Fluoroscopic Guidance for safe & accurate injections of the hip capsules & spinal areas
– Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
– Full Health Screening (incl. Blood Analysis, Nutrition & Hormone profiling)
– Enzymatic treatments for Myelin Sheath & Nerve regeneration & growth

Please see the table below for a comparison between the IH+ methods of procuring Autologous Adult Stem Cells and methods used elsewhere:

The Intellihealth Plus Difference

Collagenase Enzyme Australian Standard Ultrasonic Cavitation Intellihealth Plus-optimised Ultrasonic Cavitation
Digestion Technique Externally cultured enzymes introduced to tissue to release cells. Requires washing away of enzymes and extracellular matrix (ECM). Tissues broken up manually (by hand), using a common-use titanium sonication probe Closed-system automated ultrasonic cavitation through sterile transfer units
Safety Considerations Enzymes are derived from animal or bacteria. Isolated cells require washing (to remove foreign enzymes). Identified risk of titanium particle contamination. Manual sonication allows for inconsistent purification and human error. Both cells and growth factor-rich ECM is preserved in a closed system (not exposed to compromising environment). Automated sonication unit produces consistent result.
Extracellular Preservation Washes away natural growth factors suspended in the ECM. Inconsistently preserves parts of the ECM (depending on technician skill) Consistently preserves natural growth factors suspended in the ECM
Viable Cells Low yield, high proportion (15-30%) cell loss Moderate yield, low (5-15%) cell loss High yield, low (5-15%) cell loss
Cell Yield 0.4-0.5 million cells per gram of adipose 2.0-4.0 million cells per gram of adipose 16.2 million cells per gram of adipose
Liposuction Requirement Much more adipose required More adipose required Less adipose required (less time, under local anaesthetic only)


Mini-liposuction Performed by Qualified Plastic Surgeons

Intellihealth Plus exclusively uses fully-qualified, registered Plastic Surgeons for each mini-liposuction procedure, where patients’ own Adipose Derived Stem Cells are collected in surgical theatres. These surgeons specialise in minimally-invasive body contouring and fat grafting, allowing the adipose cells to be removed with a mini 3mm cannula. This process preserves cell integrity with the least amount of trauma to the patient. This is very important for the intravenously infused stem cells, which are needed to migrate to areas of inflammation within the joints, and not the mini-lipo site where they were collected. All of our Plastic Surgeons have at least 5+ years specialised training over and above their General Surgery training.

Note: Physicians in some countries (including Australia) with ‘Cosmetic Training’ commonly perform many different procedures without the mandated 5-6 years of additional training and experience held by plastic surgeons.

Surgical Theatre (Class IS07/IS08 Clean Room)

All stem-cell related medical procedures are undertaken with the assistance of fully qualified nurses in a brand new state-of-the-art surgical theatre. In order to receive its accreditation, this room must meet very strict standards in Air Particles per m3, Air changes per Hour, Room Pressure etc. This is all done to offer a clean, sterile and safe environment for the treatment of SkyGen patients.

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