MEDICOS Spine Rehab Centre - SkyGen

MEDICOS Spine Rehab Centre

The New Benchmark for Spinal Surgery Rehabilitation

The German Spine Specialists only accept the most comprehensive rehabilitation program for their international patients. The MEDICOS Centre is where all SkyGen Australia & New Zealand patients undergo rehabilitation following surgery. This specialist centre is the largest of its kind in Europe, and is sought after by both professional football teams and elite dancing stars.

All SkyGen spinal patients will stay with their support partner right next door at the Courtyard Marriot hotel. On your first day of rehabilitation, you will be welcomed by Medical Director Dr. Vieregge Ulrich, who will assess your case and put together the best rehab program for your case. You will receive different daily treatment sessions, with the main focus being to deliver you back to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Your treatment program is fully flexible, and will be adjusted depending on how you are recovering. For example, if you need extra remedial massage sessions, or psychological support to get back to work, then this is all readily available.

The MEDICOS Centre is the perfect rehabilitation facility for international patients looking to avoid spinal fusion with motion-preserving spine surgery in Germany.

Located within its 4 levels, the MEDICOS Centre contains an interdisciplinary network of specialists, who all come together to give each patient the best outcome.

The expert team available for SkyGens Australian & New Zealand spine patients includes:

Their main objective is to combine their abilities to achieve your rehabilitation, preservation and development of both your mental and physical strength. We believe this is the most comprehensive level of spinal surgery rehabilitation available anywhere in the world.


Dr. Vieregge, Ulrich

Dr. Vieregge Ulrich, MEDICOS Medical Director

You will find Dr. Vieregge’s expert knowledge and guidance welcoming, and his sense of humour equally comforting. He has overseen the growth of the MEDICOS Centre since its conception 10 years ago, through to the new 2,000 Sqm expansion coming at the end of 2016. He greets all SkyGen patients on their first day of spinal rehabilitation and is always available should you need him. He will help tailor the perfect spinal rehabilitation program for your case.


Ben Mansour, Spine Rehabiliation

Ben is one of the resident physiotherapists who specialises in spinal surgery rehabilitation. He assists SkyGen patients during their recovery, and past patient have enjoyed his guidance and company. Ben’s priority is to use advanced spinal exercise equipment and bodyweight techniques to teach you to move with confidence again. Click Here to see Ben working with Robyn, a former ICU Nurse from New Zealand who travelled to Germany to avoid spinal fusion with Artificial Disc Replacement surgery in late 2015.