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Is TOPS Total Lumbar Facet Replacement also superior to spine fusion?

The short answer is YES. The TOPS Total Lumbar Facet Replacement system is a new and exciting development for patients wanting to avoid restrictive lumbar spine surgery. This new...

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New Zealand pilot travels to Germany for Artificial Disc Replacement

Jeff is a 48 year old commercial airline pilot from New Zealand. He was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) at the bottom two levels of his lumbar spine,...

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Mum & Dad, I’m leaving New Zealand for Spine Surgery in Germany

Jamie is a 36 year old male from New Zealand, who contacted us in September 2015. After a traumatic skiing injury when he was younger, Jamie’s lower back continued...

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From Petri to Peter: Bahamas’ billionaire Peter Nygård promotes advocacy for stem cell research

Like many Australians, we had never heard of Peter Nygård until a little over a month ago. A fastidious Google search reveals him as the philanthropic Finland-borne fashion executive...

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Patients in pain seeking Stem Cells: SkyGen launches joint effort

  SkyGen has made new announcements earlier today, forging itself as a new beacon of light for the millions of Australians living each day with degenerative and injury-related joint...

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