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Q&A: Are Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Therapies available here in Australia?

Yes. Although these cell-based technologies are relatively new, some Australian doctors and orthopaedic specialists have started using stem cell therapies with their clients. Some of these doctors have delivered fantastic results using stem cell therapy for everyday Australians living with arthritis and joint paint. As stem cell regenerative therapies are not currently covered by any private health cover or Medicare, these clinics typically only offer single treatment packages as the prices of stem cell treatments in Australia can be daunting.

The exciting news is that after thorough domestic industry analysis, we have found that the stem cell harvesting techniques at our preferred clinic to be up to 5x more productive than the standard Ultrasonic Cavitation methods used frequently in Australia. To our knowledge, no Australian facility uses Weber Medical Laser technology, atomised oxygen IV therapy, or has readily available access to a domestic cryostorage facility for cell banking.

When it comes to Australian Healthcare, we value transparency. SkyGen encourages all our potential clients to seek second and third opinions from Australian stem cell clinics for advice, including a comparison of their facilities and comprehensive treatment plans.

There is definitely a benefit to pursuing traditional medical procedures in Australia. If you, as a patient, are unable to travel or are simply not interested in holidaying to exotic travel destinations, the premium applied to medical procedures in Australia may make sense.

At SkyGen, we are confident that even after speaking with your local stem cell therapy provider that our advanced treatment plans and medical facilities, along with the experience of our specialists will make for a very acceptable joint pain treatment option. If you are accepted as a successful Orthopaedic Surgery or Stem Cell Therapy candidate, the affordability of our personalised treatment plans will hopefully see you on the road to recovery sooner, with more money left over to spend enjoying your new mobility and freedom.

*Please read: Although the information provided on this page may describe a particular patient experience and/or outcome, readers must understand that each patient presents with a unique medical history and may be recommended a different treatment/surgery by their surgeon to that described above. Individual results may vary between surgery centre/hospital, surgeon, surgery type and patient. Although SkyGen agrees to share all updates from patients at their request, SkyGen does not endorse any physical activities attempted by patients following surgery which do not follow the explicit instructions provided by their surgeon. SkyGen encourages all patients to discuss the risks of such activities with medical professionals before attempting these themselves.

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