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My 2-Level Disc Replacement to Stand Straight Again (Fabian’s Story)

Fabian is 45 and lives in Sydney, Australia. His lower back pain began in mid-2015 and quickly progressed. Later that year, his local neurosurgeons told him he wasn’t a...

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Why this NZ Family Man chose Artificial Disc Replacement in Germany (Joel’s Story)

Joel is a 50 year old Company Director from Auckland, New Zealand. He first injured his back 28 years ago, and after a serious prolapse in early 2017, was...

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My 3-Level Spine Surgery in Germany (Ronn’s Story)

Ronn is a 46 year old extreme endurance athlete from Alice Springs in Central Australia. At 192cm he is taller than most, and enjoys competitive mountain biking and road...

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12 Days after Artificial Disc Replacement in Germany (Sue’s Story)

Sue contacted SkyGen in early May 2017. She had been suffering with Degenerative Disc Disease of her lower lumbar spine, including local and referred nerve pain. After seeing 3...

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Why Steve chose SkyGen for Spine Surgery in Germany

Steve is a 46 year old Company Director from Christchurch, New Zealand. He injured his lower back in a gym accident in 2013, describing the immediate pain as an...

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New Zealand pilot travels to Germany for Artificial Disc Replacement

Jeff is a 48 year old commercial airline pilot from New Zealand. He was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) at the bottom two levels of his lumbar spine,...

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Craig’s Journey with 2-Level Artificial Disc Replacement in Germany

Craig called SkyGen in August 2016. He was a 32-year-old mechanic based in Melbourne, Australia. He had been suffering with Lumbar (L4/L5 and L5/S1) Degenerative Disc Disease for 10...

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2-Year Waiting List Sees Aussie Couple Fly to Thailand for Orthopaedic Surgery

Chris and Christine are an Australian couple aged 74 and 59, respectively. They called SkyGen after speaking with one of our previous patients, Nanette, who happened to be a...

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Queensland Man has Total Hip Replacement in Thailand

Ronald and his wife Cathy enquired with us at the end of 2015 about Total Hip Replacement surgery. Ronald is 69 and leads an active lifestyle, working in a...

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Mum & Dad, I’m leaving New Zealand for Spine Surgery in Germany

Jamie is a 36 year old male from New Zealand, who contacted us in September 2015. After a traumatic skiing injury when he was younger, Jamie’s lower back continued...

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New Zealand Nurse Avoids Spinal Fusion with German Spine Specialists

Robyn is a lovely 51 year old woman based in Port Nelson, New Zealand. She contacted SkyGen in June 2015 looking for a third opinion regarding her debilitating spinal...

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German Disc Replacement: Sixty-one International Patients at Record-setting Reunion

Artificial Disc Replacement Patients

  On 7 June 2015 SkyGen Australia proudly announced our new partnership with the ONZ Centre in Dusseldorf, Germany. This partnership created the perfect opportunity to make world-leading motion-preserving...

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Aussie Expat Receives Knee Replacement in Bangkok

Thailand knee replacement patient

Originally from Brisbane, Nanette is 65 and resides in Vanuatu. As with many Aussie expats, she isn’t covered by the Australian public healthcare system. This email testimonial (below) and...

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Stem Cell Treatments for Joint Pain and Diabetes: Patient Testimonial

SkyGen Patient Testimonials

Here at SkyGen, we love to share our patient stories with the rest of the world, and we believe that no-one tells their story as beautifully as the patients...

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Stem Cell Treatment for Back Pain: Patient Testimonial

Recently, a young Australian man with severe back pain contacted SkyGen to learn more about the Stem Cell Treatments available at our partnered clinics and hospitals. After receiving sub-standard...

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Knee and Hip Stem Cell Treatment Experience: Patient Testimonial

In February 2015, a lovely Australian woman named Kerry contacted SkyGen from NSW, looking for more information about the options available to her for the treatment of her painful...

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Knee Stem Cell Treatment Experience : Patient Testimonial

Kevin and Jennifer contacted SkyGen from the green pastures of New Zealand in search for alternatives to bilateral knee replacement surgery. At the spritely age of 60, Kevin had...

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Bilateral Total Knee Replacement in Thailand

Bilateral Knee Replacement in Thailand

Michael is a 62 year old patient from Western Australia. He contacted SkyGen presenting with osteoarthritis in both knees. He underwent his bilateral Total Knee Replacement surgery at Bangpakok...

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Hip Replacement Surgery: From Australia to Thailand

Thailand hip replacement surgery - Brisbane patient

Maria is a 66 year old patient from Brisbane, Australia. Her local doctor, a general practitioner, recommended that she contact SkyGen after another of his patients had reported great...

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Avoiding Knee Replacement Surgery with Stem Cells: Real Patient Story

The decision to pursue any kind of medical treatment abroad is never easy. We provide our patients with as much helpful information as possible, but the truth is that...

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Avoiding Knee Surgery with Stem Cell Knee Repair: Patient Testimonial

My name is Deborah Watters and this is my story. The plastic coated package sticks out from under my bed, those shocking words “Stryker” just visible on the cover...

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“High Risk” Perth Patient has Successful Hip Replacement in Thailand

High Risk Thailand Hip Replacement Patient

Lee contacted SkyGen in July 2014. Her husband, Ra, had been recommended for a Total Hip Replacement in Perth. They joined Australia’s largest private health insurance company ...

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