Knee and Hip Stem Cell Treatment: Real Patient Experience

Knee and Hip Stem Cell Treatment Experience: Patient Testimonial

In February 2015, a lovely Australian woman named Kerry contacted SkyGen from NSW, looking for more information about the options available to her for the treatment of her painful osteoarthritis in her hip and knees. After being provided information from SkyGen’s affiliated hospitals and clinics overseas, Kerry ultimately made the decision to avoid invasive orthopaedic surgery and instead she pursued stem cell treatments through SkyGen’s partner Intellihealth Plus. Having thoroughly enjoyed both her experience overseas and the results of her treatment, Kerry contacted SkyGen again to share her story with other Australians contemplating travelling overseas for their orthopaedic needs. Her letter is attached below…


My name is Kerry, I am 56 years old and have arthritis.

Several years ago I had an arthroscopy done on my left knee due to a torn cartilage which gave me constant pain. I have been living with this pain ever since as the arthroscopy didn’t help to relieve any of it.
I recently had CT scans and x-rays taken of both my knees and right hip to be told that the knees were bone on bone and the hip had a slight lipping. It causes me to walk with a limp. I have kept the pain to a comfortable minimum by taking anti-inflammatory drugs and codeine based pain killers, all of which are no good to be taken long term but when you are in pain you don’t have much option.

Back in September 2014 I started researching other alternatives to invasive knee surgery, both knees would need to be done and at my age I knew I would have to have the same surgery done some years later down the track. I heard about stem cell therapy as it had been on some current affair programs. I also did a lot of research on the internet to see if it was an alternative that would be suitable for me.
In September 2014, I sent an email enquiry to a company I found on the internet i.e. “SkyGen”, which appeared to be a very comprehensively detailed company with a lot of information concerning stem cell therapy as well as orthopaedic surgery.

Learning about my treatment options at SkyGen

Within an hour or less of sending an email to SkyGen I was contacted by a very informative young man who spoke with me (not at me) which is very important when you are contemplating something very new to you. He explained everything I needed and wanted to know in great detail without hesitating on any question I asked.

I found my SkyGen consultant to go above and beyond just explaining things to me, I could tell by speaking with him that he genuinely cared about my situation and he totally believes in the company’s capability to facilitate the transition to surgical alternatives by being very informative. The comparisons between surgery and stem cell treatments allowed me to work out for myself that stem cells were the best possible choice of therapy that I could consider, given my circumstances. But never for one minute did my consultant say that the therapy was 100% guaranteed, nor did he try to push me into something that I was not sure of, but rather explained that it is a much less invasive option compared to full knee reconstructive surgery.

After careful consideration I contacted SkyGen again to make the necessary arrangements to go further. He sent me out an email with the necessary paperwork to fill in and send to the Doctors in Bangkok at the Intellihealth Plus clinic; also I had to send SkyGen my most recent x-rays or CT scans for the doctors’ assessment.  Once the Dr’s received the reports and accepted me as a patient I then had to have an ecg and current blood tests.
My SkyGen consultant conversed with me many times through this whole procedure with the next step being to book a date to have it done. SkyGen take care of all the details, all I had to do was have a current passport and all the paperwork to take with me. I also had the option to book our flights myself if I wanted, everything was so easy.

The best thing about this was that my husband was able to accompany me on this journey with all his needs being attended to in the same professional manner.

Travelling to Bangkok for Stem Cell Treatment

So on the 2nd of February 2015 we flew to Bangkok to be met with a lovely big smile by our driver John from intellihealth plus in a magnificent van with leather massaging seats and a care free drive to the beautiful accommodation of the Aetas hotel.

We were greeted by the friendly staff all of which we got to know really well over the weeks we stayed, also the lovely lady Mutsee who is stationed at the front foyer she speaks good English and she is wonderful, great personality lots of fun to talk to, she showed us around the local area and was there to oblige with anything we needed. We were then escorted to our air conditioned room on the 15th floor.

Mutsee and Kerry meeting in the foyer of Aetas Bangkok

The rooms are very luxurious, a nice deep bath which was really welcoming after a long flight, separate shower etc. in a truly huge room, with super comfy King size bed.

Visiting the Stem Cell Clinic

After a couple of days to rest and getting acquainted with the area, my first day of treatment started on the 4th of Feb. The 5 minute walk down a breezeway to the clinic is great. You are greeted by the security guards daily with a big smile and a great salute. We caught the lift to the 2nd floor where we were once again greeted by the most friendly staff, our first contact was with Faith, she introduced us to the rest of the Dr’s and staff, all of which make you feel so relaxed and happy.

The clinic is immaculate, the nurses uniforms are colourful and perfectly ironed, they are always smiling and making sure you are comfortable. I met with Dr Htut, and other members of the team that would be conducting the procedure. Within an hour of talking me through the treatment I would be receiving, I was prepped and ready for surgery.

SkyGen Stem Cell Patient Kerry (and Steve) Intellihealth Plus

Kerry and husband Steve with the friendly staff at Intellihealth Plus

I was sedated for the mini liposuction procedure with several nurses and Dr’s surrounding my bedside, next thing I remember was a gentle stroking of my arm asking me if I was ready to sit up as the procedure was finished. I was fitted with an elastic webbing corset. You wear this over the next couple of weeks, it is not uncomfortable but necessary to help with the full recovery of your procedure. You will feel very tender around your stomach for the next week or so, as you get some bruising associated with the procedure. But that is normal and the garment just makes you feel more comfortable.

Without much grogginess at all I sat up on the operating table and was escorted across the hall to the recovery room where my husband was sitting waiting for me, we were given a cup of tea and a sandwich while we waited for the processed cells to arrive.

Stem Cell treatments for the Knee and Hip

Within no time at all my first lot of cells arrive to be given to me intravenously, after they were administered I was given Oxyven (intravenous oxygen) and laser therapy via a small needle system in my arm one after the other (didn’t hurt at all).

Then the time came to inject the cells into my knees and hip. The specialist orthopaedic Dr is there to administer the injections. Yes it looks like it is going to be very painful because they are a fair size needle, but because they are so fine a needle once they are being injected you feel no pain but a slight pinching sensation and pressure, but definitely not painful as such. All through the procedure the Dr is telling you exactly what is going to happen all the time so you feel very comforted and know what’s coming next. At no time are you left alone there is always a nurse with you and the Dr always pops in to see your progress whenever you’re at the clinic.


Kerry being tended to by a few members of the medical team at Intellihealth Plus

So over the next few days for 2 hours each day (not necessarily the same time each day), you go into the clinic on the 7th floor and you have your blood pressure taken, your dose of oxyven and laser then you are free to do what you please for the rest of the day. On the 5th day I had my 2nd lot of injections with the same details as above. After my 1st lot of injections I was without pain, it was truly incredible to think the pain I was living with all these years had gone after the treatment I had just received, it was truly amazing. The second lot, even better. I still have a way to go and I must not push myself too hard, you have to give the stem cells time to do their job of rebuilding the cartilage again, but I am sure that over the next few months the results will be even more improved and I can go on living my pain free life without medication.

Since coming back to Australia, I haven’t had a pain killer and it is a truly wonderful feeling. I also believe that by having the added benefit of the supportive therapies (not sure which) my fingernails have grown for the first time in a long time and I have had comments on how well I look and how happy I appear to be.

I would personally like to thank my SkyGen consultant and all the staff at Skygen, also the wonderful team at Intellihealth Plus Dr’s and nurses all, for providing not just a service but a truly warm and inviting experience.

I would recommend anyone considering this treatment definitely give it a second thought, don’t make the cost of the treatment the deciding factor. Think of your future health first and contact Skygen to help you make the tough decision easier for yourself.

One very satisfied customer.

– Kerry

*Please read: Although the information provided on this page may describe a particular patient experience and/or outcome, readers must understand that each patient presents with a unique medical history and may be recommended a different treatment/surgery by their surgeon to that described above. Individual results may vary between surgery centre/hospital, surgeon, surgery type and patient. Although SkyGen agrees to share all updates from patients at their request, SkyGen does not endorse any physical activities attempted by patients following surgery which do not follow the explicit instructions provided by their surgeon. SkyGen encourages all patients to discuss the risks of such activities with medical professionals before attempting these themselves.

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