Bilateral Stem Cell Treatment Experience with SkyGen

Knee Stem Cell Treatment Experience : Patient Testimonial

Kevin and Jennifer contacted SkyGen from the green pastures of New Zealand in search for alternatives to bilateral knee replacement surgery. At the spritely age of 60, Kevin had spent the majority of his life on the rugby field and in service for the NAVY. As we approach the 100th anniversary of ANZAC Day, the team at SkyGen would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the service of all service men and women, both past and present, who duly deserve the thanks and support they are set to receive as a part of this momentous occasion. Lest we forget.

Having travelled for his procedures in early 2015, Kevin and his wife Jenny sent SkyGen a short recount of their trip and have asked for us to share it with the rest of Australia and New Zealand in the hope that more patients will learn about the quality, safety and enjoyment they experienced as patients travelling with SkyGen for non-invasive stem cell treatments.

The email received by SkyGen reads as follows:


Before setting off on our trip, I spent the few months prior arranging the trip with SkyGen in Brisbane Australia.

The communication between Jake and myself included a lot of E-mails and some follow up phone calls, all went seamlessly, including all medical reports that were required in Bangkok prior to my treatment.

The SkyGen Office was easy to deal with, explaining step-by-step any concerns we may have had, to put our minds at ease.

Jake mailed us a comprehensive Medical Travel Folio which further instilled confidence that we were doing the right thing.

Armed with all of the above we duly arrived in Bangkok on 13th to commence our 10 day procedure.
From arriving at our hotel the following ten days went in a blur with the following as highlights:

  • The Aetas Bangkok Hotel were wonderful in all respects, nice room, great buffet breakfast, and all staff bent over backwards to assist.
  • A special thank you to Mutsy at the reception desk for guiding us on our travels around such a large city.
  • Intellihealth Plus Medical Centre staff were friendly, helpful, caring and very professional in all aspects of my treatment.
  • A wonderful state-of-the-art facility, very modern and super clean.

The small amount of time we did get out and about we enjoyed immensely, from the Restaurants to the street stalls, and the shopping malls all provided us with some great memories, not to mention the ‘close your eyes and go for it’ traffic!!!! Their road rules would stun people in New Zealand.
We travelled on Emirates Airlines and were looked after well. A bit more leg room in Economy would be a big bonus.

We have been back at home over a month now with no side effects from our adventures. Although I am not sprinting around the block yet, I am hoping the next six months will provide me with a little less pain and hopefully more mobility. Watch this space!!!!

My only advice to others contemplating treatment is, do your research, spend your money wisely and be positive about the results you hope to achieve.

A big thank you to all involved, for a wonderful trip.

Kevin and Jenny

*Please read: Although the information provided on this page may describe a particular patient experience and/or outcome, readers must understand that each patient presents with a unique medical history and may be recommended a different treatment/surgery by their surgeon to that described above. Individual results may vary between surgery centre/hospital, surgeon, surgery type and patient. Although SkyGen agrees to share all updates from patients at their request, SkyGen does not endorse any physical activities attempted by patients following surgery which do not follow the explicit instructions provided by their surgeon. SkyGen encourages all patients to discuss the risks of such activities with medical professionals before attempting these themselves.

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