Stem Cell Banking at Intellihealth Plus with SkyGen

Stem Cell Banking

At Intellihealth Plus, SkyGen’s partnered Stem Cell Treatment Centre, the collection of adult stem cells from each patient requires a mini-liposuction procedure.

Although each mini-liposuction is a minimally-invasive procedure, patients may choose to bank their stem cells for future use, thereby avoiding the need for a repeat mini-liposuction should they anticipate requiring a follow-up stem cell treatment at a later date.

The Intellihealth Plus Stem Cell Treatment Centre provides in-house cryostorage banking of these cells and can organise banking for each patient at their request.

Why would I store my Stem Cells?

This convenient storage solution is available for SkyGen clients who prefer to take a proactive approach to their joint health. For SkyGen clientele leading a physically demanding lifestyle, anticipating a future need for subsequent stem cell treatment, it is recommended that these clients opt to have their procured cells stored. Whether these cells are needed in 3 months or 2 years, clients are afforded peace of mind that their cells are safe and secure in a specialised world class cryostorage facility.

How does cryostorage work?

During your visit to Intellihealth Plus, our regenerative medicine clinic, a mini-liposuction procedure will be necessary to collect stem cell-rich adipose tissue (this is generally taken from the lower abdominal area.) It is from this tissue that adult stem cells will ultimately be isolated and prepared for treatment. When SkyGen clients choose to cryostore extra stem cells for a future treatment, the surgeon performing the mini-liposuction collects and processes a larger quantity of adipose fat tissue. The stem cells required for the initial treatment are retained and prepared at Intellihealth Plus, while the extra cells are safely stored on-site at Intellihealth Plus.

How do I benefit?

Your stem cells are suspended and ready to be used for your next treatment. There is no need for subsequent mini-liposuction surgery or local anaesthetic. During your next visit and stem cell treatment procedure, your cells will be ready and waiting for you.

Additionally, follow-up stem cell treatment packages using cryostored stem cells start from only $5,000USD. The significant reduction in cost, compared to initial treatment, is due to the lack of requirement for the plastic surgeon and operating theatre to procure cells a second time. These packages also require a shorter stay in Bangkok since there is no need for post-operative care following mini-liposuction.

How much does Stem Cell Banking Cost?

Stem Cell Banking (3-5 batches) for 1 year $2,000USD
Additional Year of Banking $250USD per batch

If you would like more information about stem cell cryostorage and banking, please ask your SkyGen consultant or attending physician at Intellihealth Plus either before or after your stem cell treatment.