Stem Cell Treatment for the Hip with SkyGen

Stem Cell Treatments for the Hip

for Australians and New Zealanders



Why stem cells?

Stem cell hip repair is suitable for many patients who wish to reduce pain and restore mobility of the hip without undergoing invasive hip replacement surgery. Unlike invasive Total Hip Replacement (THR) surgery, stem cell hip repair non-invasively supports the natural repair of cartilage within the hip joint using PRP-enriched stem cells rather than cutting into and replacing the hip bones with artificial prosthetic implants.

Although osteoarthritic damage in the hip can be less responsive to stem cell treatment than stem cell treatments of the knee at small centres around the world, this is partly due to the lack of fluoroscopic guidance technology available at smaller facilities. Our partnered orthopaedic surgeons use an advanced C-arm Fluoroscope unit to visualise inside the hip joint to target each stem cell injection within the hip capsule.

SkyGen Stem Cell Package Inclusions 2015

10 Day Medical Package Inclusions:

  • Full Medical Assessment & Quote ($150 engagement fee)
  • Return airfares to Bangkok from Aus/NZ
  • Premium Bangkok Hotel Transfers
  • 5 Star Luxury Accommodation (11 nights) & breakfasts
  • All medical consultations & nursing care
  • Specialist plastic surgeon: Mini-liposuction
  • Stem cell biologist: Growth-factor stem cell enrichment
  • C-Arm Fluoroscopic Guidance Unit: Stem cell injections
  • Orthopaedic surgeon: Hip stem cell treatment (x2)
  • Orthopaedic surgeon: PRP ligament prolotherapy (x2)
  • Attending physician: Intravenous stem cell infusion
  • 3x electronic tissue engraftment stimulation
  • 3x intra-articular (joint) laser
  • 8x intravenous blood irradiation (Weber Medical)
  • 8x atomised oxygen therapy (OxyVen)
  • 3x physiotherapy & rehabilitation
  • Take-home chondrocyte-stimulating enzyme pack
  • All post-treatment care and more…
Total price:
$18,900 (Ex. Syd/Bris/Melb)

Bookings available now! Only $76 per week on MediCredit payment plan*

(Package total including all fees & taxes. Subject to exchange rate fluctuations and departure airport. Additional joints such as other hip or knee can also be treated from $1,800 each. Stem cell cryostorage and banking for future treatments is also available, for more information Click Here.)

*For information on MediCredit payment plans click here.  

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First Class Stem Cell Clinic


Our partnered stem cell clinic is located in the centre of Bangkok and offers the most advanced stem cell technologies and expertise available anywhere in the world.

The stem cell clinic treats each patient with a multidisciplinary medical team of high-end specialists including orthopaedic surgeons, plastic surgeons, stem cell biologists and clinical research experts.

The comprehensive 10 day stem cell treatment plan offered through SkyGen and its partnered stem cell clinic is one of the most advanced non-surgical treatments available internationally.

SkyGen Stem Cell 1

Exclusive Private Clinic

catering to only the most distinguished VIP guests from around the world including our privileged SkyGen clients

SkyGen Stem Cell 3

Leading Stem Cell Technology

providing the most advanced non-surgical repair of joints with stem cells, PRP, medical laser, OxyVen, peptides and more

SkyGen Stem Cell 2

Specialised Medical Team

catering to your every need with the skilled expertise afforded by decades of experience and speciality in regenerative medicine

Five Star Luxury Travel & Leisure

SkyGen Travel 1

As a SkyGen Client, your medical travel package includes hand-selected flexible return airfares, executive-class transfers and five-star luxury accommodation.

Indulge in your luxurious hotel suite and indulge in complimentary lunches, massages and daily breakfasts for both you and your travelling companion.

Situated less than 100m from the first class stem cell clinic, the Aetas Luxury hotel allows patients to be pampered with five star comforts within minutes of their daily treatments.

Savor every aspect of your medical holiday experience and take advantage of the luxurious pool, gym, sauna and restaurants famous for catering to high-end clientèle, sports stars and celebrities.

SkyGen Stem Cell 1

Indulgent Leisure Facilities

including club-style lap pool and fitness centre, bars and restaurants and exclusive executive club room upgrades

SkyGen Stem Cell 3

Ultra-modern Apartments

with self-contained fittings including deluxe kitchen with laundry, entertaining spaces, flat-screen televisions and private balconies

SkyGen Stem Cell 2

Breathtaking Experiences

the hotel foyer is only minutes from the world's most famous rooftop restaurants and bars with 360-degree Bangkok skyline views

Note: All images shown on this page are from actual clinics and properties available in SkyGen's Stem Cell Joint Repair packages