Stem Cell Treatments for Joints with SkyGen

Stem Cell Treatments for Joints

Avoid invasive joint surgery with stem cell treatments for joint osteoarthritis

What are Stem Cells? And how do stem cell treatments work?

Essentially, stem cells are undifferentiated (immature) adult cells. They have different properties to mature cells in the body (i.e. skin, hair, muscle, bone) in that they have not been told which adult cell to grow into.

These immature (stem) cells follow chemical signals released by inflamed and damaged tissues, called inflammatory cytokines. These signals act as chemical attractants (or magnets) for stem cell preparations which can then repair and rebuild tissues in a variety of ways.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do stem cells come from?

Stem cells are carefully procured from your own adipose (fat) cells through a routine mini-liposuction procedure. These cells are then processed using special purification techniques optimised by the Intellihealth plus clinical laboratory unit. This is a truly unique process whereby no external liquids or chemical additives are included in the end-product.

After the purification process, all that remains is a pure collection of stem cells in a clear liquid, rich with your body’s own growth factors.

These cellular preparations are reintroduced to either the target joint or ligament, or systemically through an intravenous infusion, similar to a saline drip – depending on the treatment plan.

Am I a candidate for stem cell treatments?

Luckily for SkyGen clients, determining whether you are a candidate for regenerative medicine is a quick and easy process.

In contrast to traditionally slower methods for ascertaining the right treatment plan, SkyGen clients do not require a referral or a consultation with a specialist to contact us. Your friendly SkyGen client manager will handle the referral and medical review process for you at no charge.

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What do SkyGen’s Stem Cell Joint Repair Packages include?

Localised Stem Cell Therapy

Local treatment of the knee joint with autologous stem cells requires a customised approach.

Ligament damage is often targeted with a non-surgical procedure known as “Stem Cell Prolotherapy” where the ligaments are directly stimulated to attract the injected stem cells.

Deterioration of the smooth articular cartilage inside a knee joint is also treated with stem cell therapy to effectively ‘re-surface’ the joint cartilage.

Intravenous (IV) Stem Cell Therapy

In addition to complementing and supporting the therapeutic effects of localised stem cell therapy in the knee (above), intravenous stem cell therapy allows for a non-specific localisation of growth factors and undifferentiated cells to practically all inflamed and viable tissues around the body. IV Stem Cell therapy is routinely used to improve organ function and the quality of skin, hair, bone and joint health.

Localised Medical Laser Therapy

Weber Medical-developed intra-articular laser is a German-designed, FDA-approved therapy routinely applied by Intellihealth Plus in the treatment of inflammation and osteoarthritis in the knee joint. Different wavelengths of intensified lasers are placed either onto or inside the knee joint (depending on injury/pain) in order to stimulate specific therapeutic outcomes, from accelerated healing and pain reduction to drug-free anti-inflammatory effects.

Intravenous Medical Laser Therapy

The benefits of intravenous (IV) medical laser therapy are not limited to the location of the applied laser. Weber Medical-developed laser is routinely used as an intravenous device applied by Intellihealth Plus to improve patient responsiveness to therapy.

IV laser is a highly published, modern therapeutic and is used to improve systemic (whole body) oxygen-carrying capacity in red blood cells, increase immune system cell activation and significantly improve metabolic efficiency and capacity for athletic performance.

Intravenous Atomised Oxygen Therapy

As a gas, O2 facilitates metabolic activities within almost all tissues of the human body. When atomised (broken into two separate oxygen atoms), oxygen can be safely introduced into the circulatory system. Atomised oxygen is reassembled in the blood-stream and readily taken up by red blood cells, improving oxygen delivery to all tissues with an adequate blood supply.

Tendons and ligaments within the knee joint require elevated oxygen levels as new cellular metabolism is stimulated through regenerative medicine. Atomised oxygen therapy is routinely used by Intellihealth Plus to meet these higher demands, helping to accelerate the healing process.

Nutrition & Hormone Status Profile Assessment

The Intellihealth Plus clinics are leaders in nutritional deficiency detection. A comprehensive blood analysis provides an in-depth look into the nutritional deficiencies and hormonal irregularities which may be burdening both quality of life and the immune system.

Personal hormone and nutrition profile assessments allow doctors to design a personalised and targeted nutrition and hormone treatment plan suited to each patient’s needs and health objectives.

Personalised Intravenous Nutrition Infusion

Customised to the deficiencies identified in a client’s personal nutrition profile assessment, a neutraceutical formula is compounded by the internal compounding chemist for intravenous infusion during your stay at Intellihealth Plus. This treatment is designed to replenish the vitamins and minerals lacking in each client’s circulatory system in order to optimize health and recovery.

Take-home Personalised Joint Support Nutrition/Hormone Replacement

Cartilage and Joint Support nutraceuticals are commonplace supplements to any joint regenerative therapy both in Australia and internationally. Tailored to the specific ailment of each patient, a take-home kit of these supplements, as well as any necessary hormone replacement therapies deemed necessary from the Serum Assessment, is provided with all packages containing this option.